Best Cutlery Specialists 2023

Producing and distributing the highest quality cutlery for almost 100 years, Eternum is a well-established cutlery specialist with fantastic design, functionality, and customer experience in mind. Here we take a closer look at the business and its products as it continues to elevate every meal. 

Since 1924, Eternum has been creating and supplying its world-renowned cutlery to the hospitality industry and retailers around the globe. As a Belgian-based, family-run business, Eternum welcomes innovation and family values, ensuring the team runs as smooth as clockwork. 

The company specialises in stainless steel cutlery and table accessories which display sophistication, class, and creativity. It is one of the Top 10 leading cutlery companies in the world, and, especially with regards to the hospitality industry – for establishments such as hotels and restaurants – Eternum can offer a service which is entirely unmatched. It provides stellar cutlery with any finish or colour and with any logo etched upon each item, to truly represent a hotel in a highly luxurious and professional way. 

Working with various designers, Eternum now has five collections such as its Classic, Signature, Young, Steak Knives, and Gastronum. Each one of its collections reacts to different situations; Eternum’s young collection is made of 18/0 chromed steel which responds to wear and tear, but has been created to bring a simple elegance to daily cutlery use. This collection presents excellent value for money as well as being a fantastic daily solution for our dining needs. 

When it comes to combatting corrosion, its Classic and Signature collections are unrivalled. Eternum ensures a 18/10 split for stainless steel and nickel, so that rust can be a problem of the past. With its durable shine and dazzling finish this collection is comfortable, long lasting, and hard-wearing. Of course, the collection comes to us with varying designs such as the Artesia design – which is well-recognised for its chiselled, matte handle. 

Its Signature collection boasts a selection of shapes and sizes, patterns and curves, and many different finishes for every occasion. The air of elegance its collections bring ensure its customers continue to come back for more each time they are in need of cutlery which speaks volumes about a service they can be truly proud of. 

Fine dining wouldn’t be complete without the table accessories to match, and Eternum’s stainless Gastronum collection boasts a variety of steel accessories to tie everything together perfectly. From ramekins to eggcups, napkin rings to butter dishes, coffee makers to sugar tweezers, and so much more, we can be sure that we have everything we need to impress any individual dining with us. 

Eternum never disappoints and, with its determined team of manufacturers, designers, and agents, the business takes every dining experience to the next level. Offering customisations throughout all of its products, Eternum delivers a way to showcase our brand or business in the most graceful and refined way possible. We can request the finish of each product, engrave our brand’s name upon them, and present them in packaging that truly reflects us. Ultimately, Eternum does anything its customers wish – so that every wish can be satisfied and every meal will be remembered. 

Eternum’s timeless collections truly do reflect its dedication to doing what is best for its customers all around the world. Never discontinuing a set, Eternum carries a tradition rooted in experience of almost a century, so that customers everywhere can each have a slice of magnificence with every meal. Each collection is a delight to the eye, and we’re excited to see what comes next. 

Selling in over 70 countries around the world, and growing, Eternum’s over 50 collections have become a favourite in Belgium and beyond – making Eternum the obvious choice in the Hospitality Awards 2023. 

Eternum now holds the title of Best Cutlery Specialists 2023 – Belgium, and it’s an exciting time for the business as it approaches its 100th year in operation. It has seen many changes in the market, with fluctuating needs and wishes in the world of cutlery, but it has always adapted to trends and responded with excellence. 

Eternum’s CENTO collection is soon to be released for its 100-year anniversary in 2024. This distinguished collection has been expertly designed by Nick Holland, and, with the finest craftsmanship and hot forging technology, the CENTO will become another leading force within its realm. With a mirror polish, signature 18/10 stainless steel, and a thickness of 6mm, we can’t wait to see this irresistible set take off around the world.

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