Nick Holland

Nick Holland is one of the most experienced international product designers in the world of tableware and household goods. He has created several ranges for ETERNUM, including the “Orsay” and “Astoria” cutlery.

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Louis De Limburg

Louis de Limburg is a Belgian designer who developed his skills with several prestigious studios and renowned design offices. For more than 10 years, ETERNUM has been working with Louis for the quality of his creations.

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Stefan Schöning

Stefan Schöning works in numerous different domains, with a variety of products and materials. This Belgian designer created the “Slow” model, with minimalist style cutlery.

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Louise Charlier

Belgian designer Louise Charlier completed a Master’s degree in Industrial Design at La Cambre visual arts school. She then opened her own consultancy for designers and creatives. Louise designed the “Neva” model for ETERNUM, creating contemporary cutlery with ergonomic curves.

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Pierre Duthoit

Pierre Duthoit is a French designer specialising in industrial design. He designed the “Pétale” model, with cutlery inspired by flower petals.

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